Australia’s most enigmatic crime figure, Abe Saffron loved all things American. He was never found guilty on any
charge until, like Al Capone, they got him on tax evasion. In the fifties, Abe visited Las Vegas and returned with gold. He brought Sinatra to Australia four times as well as over 300 other US acts. Saffron also imported something far more enduring and sinister, the business model for organised crime that survives to this day.

This is a universal story, few major cities anywhere in the world escape a degree of corruption. In Sydney Australia, from the 1950’s through to the 1980’s organised criminal activity became institutionalised. From the top down just about anyone in a position of power was on the take. For thirty years, Abe‘s shadowy influence was profound.  This is a social history of a city, chock full of unique and engaging characters that tell the story of Abe Saffron, a quietly spoken man whose tools of trade, blackmail, corruption and bribery enabled him to become Australia’s number one crime boss. An Evershine Production..

Writer/Director: Hugh Piper
Producer/Camera: Helen Barrow
Editors: Suresh Ayyar, Frans Vandenburg
Music: Phillip Johnston
Narrator: Richard Roxburgh

Running Time: 53:30 minutes.
Format HD 16:9

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