Australia’s political life as seen through the eyes of five editorial cartoonists. This documentary takes us from the
Tampa incident to the War in Iraq. Bill Leak, Geoff Pryor, Rod Emmerson, Warren Brown and David Rowe take us
into the world of daily newspapers, political cartooning and the struggle to satirise a maelstrom of events that go
to the heart of who we are as a nation.

The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian Financial Review, The Canberra Times and The Morning Bulletin
in Rockhampton: different cultures, different readerships. Filmed over the six months that saw the children overboard inquiry and the enigma of Reith, Bali, Afghanistan and the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, the triumphal march of Howard, the misery of Crean and our journey to Iraq.

They perform the role Socrates chose for himself: “a stinging gadfly on the rump of the social animal”.
Caricature and humour reveal life’s irony. One drawing can say something a thousand words will never achieve.
The challenge is to produce that drawing day after day, week after week. These men belong to a club that thousands would love to join but many are called and few are chosen. An Evershine Production.

Producer/Director/Writer: Helen Barrow
Editor: Andrew Arestides Photography: Peter Coleman
Music: Brad Shepherd

Duration: 58 minutes
Format: Digital Betacam 16:9

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