Through Islands of Fire

A journey the full length of Indonesia through Asia’s sleeping giant and the world’s largest Muslim nation. 27 year old Australian, Matt Hannon, takes us on a adrenaline pumping adventure as he explores the politics, religion, history and unique surfing culture of this dynamic country that is on the verge of massive change. In spite of the amazing biodiversity from island to island and the extraordinary array of vivid and ancient cultures, few tourists get past Bali. For many of us Indonesia is a scary and dangerous place!

In this 4 x 52 television series, qualified ecologist, teacher and film maker Matt Hannon will spend one year traversing 7000 kilometres, island to island along the world’s longest archipelago. Travelling on horseback, ferryboats and sometimes ocean going canoe Matt will travel from the rugged, snow-capped heights of Irian Jaya in the east, to the tip of Sumatra and staunchly Islamic Aceh in the west. Visually stunning, challenging, diverse, surprising, dangerous, solitary, poetic ,often overwhelming - it’s the journey of a lifetime.