Master Of Pearl

A mystery disease has laid waste Australia’s prestigious South Sea Pearl industry. Most Australians don’t know the industry is in crisis. Third generation pearl farmer, James Brown turns to science looking for answers while he fights to keep his farm afloat financially. Due to its remoteness, the Kimberley coast is relatively pristine so the question is where did the disease come from? Is it a virus or the result of man made activity? For five decades, three generations of Browns have made millions each year from the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm. Today the farm runs at a loss. James’ father Bruce holds the financial reigns. He is an old time pearling man but a tough businessman and will not finance the farm indefinitely with no return. There have been similar crisis in Japan and their industry has survived and James believes he can turn the tide as well. He has two young sons, will they be the fourth generation of pearl farmers at Cygnet Bay? Time will tell.