Hugh Piper

OUTBACK CORONER – writer and series director: this is an 8 x 50 minute observational documentary series that explores accidental and unexplained deaths in the most remote regions of Australia through the eyes of coroners and the teams who work with them.

DANCING WITH DICTATORS – writer, director and narrator: a film about Burma and the battle for control of a newspaper. Central to the story is Australian publisher Ross Dunkley who owns The Myanmar Times. This feature length documentary was selected for screening at Sydney and Brisbane Film Festivals and international documentaries.

MR SIN THE ABE SAFFRON STORY – writer and director: for thirty years, Abe’s influence reached to the very top of the tree. This is a social history of a city and tells the story of a quietly spoken man whose tools of trade, blackmail, corruption and bribery enabled him to be the number one crime boss in Australia.

CRACKING THE COLOUR CODE - writer and director: a multi-disciplinary journey through the science, anthropology, 
history and culture of colour shot in 18 countries – a three part co-production for ARTE and SBS. The series won an award at the New York Film Festival.

CRIME SCENE BANGKOK – writer and director: a film about flamboyant personality, Dr Porntip Rojanasunan, and her quest to reform the Thai forensic system. The film was made for National Geographic Television, Asia.

SUBMARINERS – writer, director and narrator: a six part series for SBS about a four month journey on the newest of Australia’s controversial Collins Class submarines – sold around the world.

A CASE FOR THE CORONER – writer, director and narrator: a six part series for ABC TV about the work of the NSW Sate Coroner, John Abernethy: inquests, forensic medicine and stories of families looking for answers to unexplained deaths.

HAPPINESS – writer and director: the film centres on a man described as the Happiest Man on Earth - Tibetan monk Matthieu Ricard and his journey from Nepal to the science labs of Madison Wisconsin to explore the links between happiness mental health and deep meditation.

THE POST – writer and director: a film about the reporters on Cambodia’s leading English language newspaper, The Phnom Penh Post. Stories range from local politics to environmental scandals when a shipload of municipal waste from a US city is dumped on a pristine beach in the south set against the background of the Khmer Rouge coming in from the jungle.

RIDING THE GALE – writer and director: the story of Geni Batterham and her battle with multiple sclerosis. The film screened at major festivals and Hugh Piper won best direction at Australian Film Institute Awards.

BLUE REVOLUTION: THE OCEAN PLANET – writer and director: a series about the world’s oceans for ABC, BBC and international networks. Hugh’s episode The Ocean Planet won a UN Media Peace Prize.